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The Guacamayas Biological Station, has comfortable infrastructure to accommodate visitors such as rooms with private bathrooms, hot water, and home to biologists, laboratory, kitchen, dining room, conference hall and museum. All based on solar energy and power plant.

toucan room
DSC02194 EBG 32
guacamaya room
DSC02260 DSC02305
jaguar room loro real room
DSC02353 DSC02491

Premium rooms.

There is nothing better than sleeping in the heart of the jungle, in comfortable rooms and feel surrounded by nature and wildlife of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve. It is for this reason that the Las Guacamayas Biological Station offers to its visitors, Premium rooms to truly enjoy the magic of the jungle.

pericas room
Habitacion las pericas Habit pericas
 güeco room
Habitacion el gueco Sala
sala 2 gueco

cocina comedor

Kitchen and Dining Room 

Sistema purificación

Water purification system.





Casa biologos

House of biologists.