Grupo Usac

The August 15 2015 we was had the honorable visit of the Licda. Brenda Leticia Vega and his group of students from the University of San Carlos headquarters Poptún


After 3 hours by bus the student group reaches the community of Paso Caballos. Our guide gave you visitors a quick chat of the community of "Paso Caballos" and the projects of the Biological Station in the community "Paso Caballos" is an indigenous community Q'eqchí, who live immersed in the Laguna del Tigre National Park.

The community name derives from the history of the Spanish conquest in the Mayan area, the conqueror Hernan Cortes built a bridge in Yala river to cross their horses and continue their journey from Mexico to Noj Peten (Tayasal)

Recorridos en lancha

We boarded our boat, to start a fascinating journey on the majestic San Pedro river, observed diversity of wildlife species that make up the San Pedro River ecosystem, " Crocodile Petenero (Crocodile moreletti)", "White Turtle (Central American River Turtle)" herons, diving ducks, parrots, etc.


After 40 minutes water ride we arrived at the Biological Station Las Guacamayas, we settled in the comfortable rooms and then we eat a delicious lunch accompanied by dessert, a delicious juice and natural fresh tropical fruits.


That evening was too hot, so we decided to cool off in the pool and enjoy a wonderful view of the San Pedro River; it's amazing that exists so much comfort in the middle of dense rainforest, and this is due to the Las Guacamayas Biological Station.


In the afternoon we went to Mirador Las Guacamayas, this place is ideal for observing different species of birds, also you have to consider that in this area inhabits 50% of birds of Guatemala and is a luxury watch closely the great many species of birds that adorn with their perfect colors and with their spectacular singing.

After the rain that afternoon we delight a rich coffee, then our dinner time and then resolve doubts of the presentation of the projects of the Biological Station Las Guacamayas.


DSC 1168

Very early the next day we went back to Las Guacamayas lookout for watching sunrise, I was a little cloudy, a gentle breeze was blowing; to breathe fresh air and pure is truly a very pleasant feeling.

This morning the nature gave us many species of birds, vocalizations of howler monkeys, spider monkeys, toucans and more.

Sceloporus variabilis    

   DSC 0089

This day the expedition focused on tours of our Earth trails and paths along the rivers San Pedro and Sacluc for observing flora and fauna of high biological value for conservation also we learned about the symbiosis of flora and fauna in the wild .

This expedition was really an unforgettable experience. Dear friends was an honor and pleasure to share with you all the different scenarios that nature gave us during these two days of issue.

We hope you had a happy return home.