Coleonyx elegans Yucatán banded gecko çColeonyx elegans (Yucatán banded gecko)

During the day and night tours of the tourist trails of The Guacamayas Biological Station, the visitor has the opportunity to have a up close contact with different species of herpetofauna of the rainforest, of this important area of Guatemala.

Crocodylus moreleti Morelets crocodile Crocodrilo de Panto Copiar

Crocodiles moreleti (Morelet’s crocodile  Crocodile de Pantano)

This species of crocodile is abundant in rivers and water bodies in this area. It is an aggressive species. In the years 70' illegal hunting of this species was on a large scale, basis his skin was used for making footwear, fine luggage. .

Today the species is on the list of endangered species.  We hope to continue protecting them.

Drymobius margaritiferus Speckled racer Ranera salpicada Copiar

Drymobius margaritiferus (NOT POISON)

Norops capito Long legged anole Abaniquillo patuda. Copiar

 Norops capito  

Leptophis mexicanus Bronze backed parrot snake Ranera dorso bronceada. Copiar

 Leptophis mexicanus (NOT POISON)

Boa constrictor Boa constrictor Mazacuata Copiar

Boa constrictor (NOT POISON)

Norops lemurinus bourgeaei Ghost anole Abaniquillo fantasma. Copiar

Norops lemurinus (bourgeaei) 

Coniophanes imperialis Black striped snake Culebra rayas negra. Copiar

Coniophanes imperialis (NOT POISON)

Coniophanes schmidti quinquevittatus Schmidts striped snake Culebra rayada de Schmidt. Copiar

Coniophanes schmidti (NOT POISON)

Xenodon rabdocephalus False barba amarilla Barba falsa. Copiar

 Xenodon rabdocephalus (Yellow false beard NOT POISON)