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Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas

The landscape of the territorial area of Laguna del Tigre National Park and Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas are constituted by several rain forest ecosystem, with an area of over 5,000 hectares of primary forest, in which there are a 335 especies of birds betwen resident and migratory birds, also this area is the only place in Guatemala where we can find the Scarlet macaw (Ara macao cyanoptera) an endangered especie in the country.

Others interesting and endemics species among the wetlands and marshes, are Agami heron (Agamia agami), Yucatan woodpecker (Melanerpes pygmaeus), Yucatan jay (Cyanocorax yucatanicus), Yucatan nightjar (Antrostomus badius), Yucatan Flycatcher (Myiarchus yucatanensis), Grey-throated Chat (Granatellus sallaei), White-collared manakin (Manacus candei), Red-capped manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis), Tody motmot (Hylomanes momotula), and others.

   Agami hero Las Guacamayas Yucatan jay Guacamayas Sungrebe Las Guacamayas


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