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Reptiles and Amphibians

Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas

The biodiversity of Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre (RAMSAR Site) in the Maya Biosphere Reserve is extremely rich and varied due to its geographical position between the San Pedro, Yalá, Sacluc, San Juan, Chocop rivers and freshwater wetlands are home for large numbers of reptiles and amphibians.

The qualities of these habitats makes Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas a wildlife sanctuary, which is why the area has been of interest to scientists who develop various research topics and low impact nature tourism.


   indigo Snake Ranitas de ojos rojos Morelet Crocodile


No. Género                    Especie Nombre en ingles 
1 Bolitoglossa mexicana Mexican mushroom-tongue salamander
2 Rhinella  marina Cane toad
3 Incilius valliceps valliceps Gulf Coast toad
4 Gastrophryne  elegans Elegant narrowmouth toad
5 Hypopachus  variolosus Sheep frog
6 Agalychnis  callidryas Red-eyed
7 Agalychnis moreleti moreleti Black-eyed treefrog
8 Dendropsophus  ebreccata Hourglass treefrog
9 Dendropsophus  microcephala Small-headed treefrog
10 Scinax staufferi staufferi Staufer’s treefrog
11 Smilisca   baudinii Mexican treefrog
12 Tlalocohyla loquax loquax Mahogany treefrog
13 Tlalocohyla  picta Painted treefrog
14 Trachycephalus  venulosus Milk treefrog
15 Triprion  petasatus Casque-headed treefrog
16 Engystomops  pustulosus Túngara frog
17 Eleutherodactylus  leprus Mottled chirping frog
18 Leptodactylus  fragilis White-lipped frog
19 Leptodactylus  melanolotus Fringe-toed frog
20 Lithobates brownorum Southern Rio Grande leopard frog
21 Lithobates  vaillanti Vaillant’s leopard frog
22 Rhinophrynus  dorsalis Mexican burrowing toad
23 Coleonyx  elegans Yucatán banded gecko
24 Hemidactylusi  brooki Brook’s house gecko
25 Hemidactylus  frenatus Asian house gecko
26 Sphaerodactylus  glaucus Spotted bark gecko
27 Sphaerodactylus  millepunctatus Dwarf bark gecko
28 Thecadactylus  rapicauda Turnip-tailed gecko
29 Celestus  rozellae Lesser galliwasp
30 Holcosus  festiva Central American ameiva
31 Holcosus  undulatus Metallic ameiva
32 Basiliscus  vittatus Striped basilisk
33 Corytophanes  cristatus Smooth helmeted basilisk
34 Corytophanes  hernandezii Hernandez’s helmeted basilisk
35 Iguana  iguana Green iguana
36 Norops  beckeri Lichen anole
37 Norops  capito Big-headed anole
38 Norops lemurinus Ghost anole
39 Norops   rodriguezii  Rodriguez’s anole 
40 Norops   sagrei  Cuban anole 
41 Norops  sericeus  Silky anole 
42 Norops   tropidonotus  Greater scaly anole 
43 Norop uniformis  Lesser scaly anole 
44 Sceloporus   chrysostictus  Yucatán spiny lizard 
45 Sceloporus  teapensis  Rose-belly spiny lizard 
46 Eumeces  sumichrasti  Sumichrast’s skink 
47 Mabuya  unimarginata    One-lined skink
48 Mesoscincus  schwartzei  Schwartze’s skink 
49 Sphenomorphus  cherriei   Brown forest skink
50 Boa  imperator   Central American boa constrictor
51 Adelphicos  quadrivirgatus   Four-lined Central American earth snake
52 Clelia  scytalina  Mexican mussurana 
53 Coluber   mentovarius Central American whipsnake 
54 Coniophanes  bipunctatus  Two-spotted snake 
55 Coniophanes  imperialis  Black-lined snake 
56 Coniophanes   schmidtii  Schmidt’s black-lined snake
57 Drymarchon  melanurus  Black-tailed indigo snake 
58 Drymobius  margaritiferus  Speckled racer 
59 Ficimia  publia  Hook-nosed snake 
60 Lampropeltis  abnorma Guatemalan milk snake 
61 Leptodeira frenata   Yucatán cat-eyed snake 
62 Leptodeira  septentrionalis  Northern cat-eyed snake
63 Leptophis   ahaetulla  Green parrot snake
64 Leptophis  mexicana  Mexican parrot snake 
65 Imantodes   cenchoa  Blunt-headed treesnake
66 Mastigodryas  melanolomus  Salmon-bellied racer 
67 Ninia   diademata  Black coffee snake
68 Ninia  sebae   Red coffee snake 
69  Oxybelis  aeneus  Brown vine snake 
70 Oxybelis   fulgidus  Green vine snake
71 Oxyrhopus petolarius   White-bellied calico snake 
72 Pliocercus   elapoides  False coral snake
73 Pseudelaphe  flavirufa  Tropical ratsnake 
74 Scaphiodontophis  annulatus  Half-coral snake 
75 Senticolis  triaspis  Green ratsnake 
76 Sibon  dimidiata  Coral-backed snail-eating snake 
77 Sibon  nebulatus  Cloudy snail-eating snake 
78 Spilotes  pullatus  Tiger ratsnake 
79 Tantilla  moest a Black-bellied centipede-eater 
80 Tantillita  canula  Yucatán dwarf centipede-eater 
81 Thamnophis  proximus  Central American ribbon snake 
82 Tretanorhinus  nigroluteus  Central American swamp snake 
83 Tropidodipsas  fasciatus  Banded snail-eating snake 
84 Tropidodipsas  sartorii  Terrestrial snail-eating snake 
85 Xenodon   rabdocephalus  False barba
86 Micrurus   diastema  Variable coral snake
87 Bothrops   asper  Central American lancehead
88  Claudius  angustus  Narrowbridge musk turtle 
89 Dermatemys  mawii  Central American river turtle 
90 Kinosternon  acutum  Tabasco mud turtle 
91 Kinosternon  leucostomum  White-faced mud turtle 
92 Rhinoclemmys   areolata  Furrowed wood turtle
93 Staurotypus  triporcatus  Giant musk turtle 
94 Trachemys  scripta  Red-eared slider 
95  Crocodylus moreletii  Morelet’s crocodile 



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