The Reserva de la Biosfera Maya´s birds, contributing to children´s health, education and nutrition.


  Collared black Hawk  Ara macao  Agamia agami 

¿Why are the birds the emblem in this project?

1: Because birds have become an icon of conservation: their protection represents an opportunity to promote the sustainable development of local communities.

2: They are our planet´s health indicator, without them the great chains that make ecosystems work would not occur and are indicators of climate change.

3: They have become opportunities in the economy, generating business opportunities for: Tour operators, Travel agencies, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, general and community guides.

Yes, the birds have become in an conservation icon and people opportunities.

What we can to do to strengthen of their conservation efforts?

How to give back to the birds a little of all the benefits that they offer us?

What should we do to involve more people who become aware of the great diversity of birds around them and who can consider birds as good allies in the dispersal of seeds and pollinators, in processes of forest regeneration and pest controllers of crops?

In response the last questions, Asociación Balam, Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas y Las Guacamayas Tours & Travel, promote the Project: The Reserva de la Biosfera Maya´s birds,   contributing to children´s health, education and nutrition.

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Project objectives.

• Strengthen the conservation of the populations of thousands of resident and migratory birds of Parque Nacional the Laguna de Tigre and other areas of the Reserva de la Biosfera Maya

• That the birds contribute to the development of the communities immersed within the Reserva de la Biosfera Maya supporting the Education, Health and Nutrition of children.

• That the birds are generators of economic opportunities to the communities through Birdwatching.

• That community members: Recognize birds as good allies in seed dispersal and pollinators, in processes of forest regeneration and pest controllers for their crops.

Programs and projects

Forest fire prevention: Awareness-raising, education on the prevention of forest fires as a tool for the conservation of the landscape (jungle and wetlands) and protection of the crops of local populations and the diverse habitats of the thousands of resident and migratory birds of area.

  Mirador las Guacamayas  Peon de buena vista  humedales parque laguna del tigre


Development of free medical days: In rural communities with specialties in Gynecology, Pediatrics, urology, dentistry. And the setting up of community pharmacies to serve all the medical prescriptions of the patients during the medical days.

Desarrollo de jornadas medicas en la Biosfera Maya


Support for child nutrition: between the ages of 1 to 10 years. Incaparina (Guatemalan food product) and oat meal are provided and in this way be able to contribute to reducing the effects of malnutrition in children from rural communities.


Nutricion infantil


Education – youth training

The presence of thousands of birds in the Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre made up of more than 370 species, including the Scarlet Macaw (an endangered species and its enormous natural and cultural wealth, represents an economic opportunity for communities in the zone. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen the capacities of young men and women who begin to see this great biological diversity as a business and development opportunity and to understand the importance of conserving their environment.

Graduandos guias de turistas


Education - Art and Painting

Elaboration of bird images in murals and conservation messages inside and outside school classrooms and desks, through painting students will learn: The Origin and Evolution of Birds, The Secret of the Colorful Plumage of Birds, The phenomenon of bird migration, Birds in the Mayan Worldview, Birdwatching, Birds as indicators of the health of the planet's ecosystems.

Murales de aves en las escuelas de la Biosfera Maya


Education - Student participation in bird monitoring

The participation and connection of school students from the Biosfera Maya in the Christmas bird counts (AUDUBON) and in the Global Big Day is key. The Christmas counts represent an enormous contribution of data to citizen science and contribute significantly to the global knowledge and trends of the endemic and migratory bird species reported in each event.

“The Global Big Day” connects people from all over the planet to collaborate counting and observing birds for a whole day, this great global event is held twice a year promoted by the eBird platform of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Conteo navideo de aves estacion biologica las Guacamayas


Invite the Business Sector , to the conservation of birds.

Creation of strategic alliances with travel agencies, tourism operators, airlines, hotels and restaurants.

Estacion Biológica Las Guacamayas (EBG) and Las Guacamayas Tours & Travel are linked to various national and international travel agencies and tourism operators. And the tourist visitation to the EBG will contribute 15% to the project, which will be invested in the objectives of the project.

Turismo naturaleza de bajo impacto


Creation of alliances and cooperation agreements with Guatemalan and foreign notebook industries: For the elaboration of notebook cover designs with the different species of birds of the Biosfera Maya and they can donate a minimum percentage of their sales through their corporate social responsibility. for strengthening the conservation of bird habitats and species.

Cuadernos con imagenes de aves de la Biosfera Maya


Business sector: Silkscreen and Sublimation

The objective of this project is to reach supermarkets, craft stores, through screen printing and sublimation on t-shirts, caps, shirts (for men, women and children), water bumpers, bags for field guides, large bags for purchases in the supermarket and backpacks for students and general use, with special designs of birds.

Camisetas con imagenes de aves de la Biosfera Maya



Business sector: Reduction of plastic use

This project also aims to collaborate in reducing the use of plastic through the development of bags for various field use, large bags with capacities from 5 to 20 Kg, water patches and the creation of cooperative alliances with supermarkets. and chain stores in the country for the sale of these products.

Bolsas imagenes de aves



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