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The microfauna of the Biological Station The Guacamayas offers unique details that greatly impresses every visitor who visit this natural world.

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Coleonyx elegans Yucatán banded gecko çColeonyx elegans (Yucatán banded gecko)

During the day and night tours of the tourist trails of The Guacamayas Biological Station, the visitor has the opportunity to have a up close contact with different species of herpetofauna of the rainforest, of this important area of Guatemala.

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Las Guacamayas Biological Station is a place privileged by nature, the landscape of high forest and wetlands of the rivers San Pedro, Sacluc, San Juan, are unique ecosystems and habitats of many birds, resident and migratory.

In this area there is 50% of the avifauna of Guatemala, which is ideal for lovers of bird watching and photography people.

American Pygmy Kinngfisher guacamayas

American-Pygmy  Kinngfisher


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