• Participantes del noveno conteo de aves
  • Pantera onca
  • Ornate Hawk Eagle 2
  • Red legged Honeycreeper
  • Cocodrilo de pantano moreletti
  • Ocelote pardalis

Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas

Christmas Bird Counts

In December 2010 began with the first Christmas Bird Count in Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas, this initiative was through Roan Balas director of WCS- Guatemala, to date there have been seven counts and every year it becomes larger event, in which many voluntaries and experts involved in observing and identifying the diversity of bird species in this important area of the Maya Biosphere.

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Christmas Bird Count 2014

Agami hero Las Guacamayas

Christmas Bird Count 2013

DSC 2753

Christmas Bird Count 2011


Christmas Bird Count 2010

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If you are interested in participating in our Ninth Christmas Bird Count Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas , can contact us:



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