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Imagine you have the opportunity to support doing volunteer work inside a lush rainforest surrounded by a great diversity of wildlife.

The volunteering at the Las Guacamayas Biological Station, it is a opportunity to be in a place privileged by nature with a majestic landscape and rich biodiversity into a natural environment that allows a total relaxation and a narrow rapprochement to nature.

We have created a work program for volunteers according to their skills and experience in technical and professional fields, the dynamic work focused on specific daily activities that are developed in the biological station as also on planned activities in our neighboring communities.

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Volunteer Program 2017

Education Crafts Infrastructure maintenance
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Gardening Footpaths
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Requirements for the volunteer.

18 years old, good physical condition, honest person responsible and nature lover.
Minimum stay 12 days (two weeks from Monday to Friday.
The Guacamayas Biological Station provides to voluntary; food, pure water and lodging.

During his free time the volunteer can visit the archaeological site Waka, go fishing in the San Pedro River, take a walk in kayaks can also take tours by interpretive trails to observe various species of fauna and flora.

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Alliances for the management of volunteering at the Las Guacamayas Biological Station.

Logos de voluntarios 


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