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Mammal Photography Project water bodies


At Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas, there is a great diversity of species of terrestrial and arboreal mammals which are very difficult to observe due to the dense tropical rainforest.

This project aims to photograph in high resolution the majority of mammals in the area including; jaguars, pumas, ocelots, yaguarundi, margay, tairas, tapirs, among others. We use the points of observatories located in the natural water troughs with water in strategic points into the jungle.

The collaborators remain waiting for more than 6 hours and photographing the species that come to drink water. The photographs of this project will be used for support and decision making of Park management, for publicity and environmental education.

It is recommended to wear appropriate field clothes and not to use flash while taking the picture.

  Estacin Biolgica Las Guacamayas Leopardus pardalis   Estacion Biologica Las Guacamayas Nasua narica

  Estacin Biolgica Las Guacamayas Tayassu Pecaris   Estacion Biologica Las Guacamayas Venado cola blanca



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